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Re: MGB original colors

Subject: Re: MGB original colors
From: "W. B. Olson" <>
Date: Thu, 28 Dec 1995 13:00:45 CST
My 67 BGT was mineral blue when new.  Painred sevceral times since 
then, I stripped it and returned it to mineral blue.  I really like 
the color.  It's rare and is in the Moss book for this model.  I got 
dupont laquer for the engine bay and trunk area and had the dealer 
mix up an enamel base coat for the base coat - cleare coat on the 
rest of the car.

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Subject:        MGB original colors
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Hi, fellow scions,

This must a trivial question, but after spending some time at the MG
pages at the WWW, I still can't find a code scheme or list of the
original MGB colours. 
My "B" is planned to be sprayed in the beginning of january and I'm
still not certain what colour it has to get. The original colour, in
'67, was black, - and the DPO painted it metallic green once), but,
no offence to you who's B is painted Black, I really don't like

The next best thing, because the engine bay is still looking OK in
black, is not to deviate too much, so my first option is Midnight
Blue (MGBlue) or British Racing Green (although there are already so
much of those!).
Question: Does anyone have the RAL - code(s) (possibly that's
European) of these both colours? (They're not listed in Lindsay
Porter's book?!)

Any information is welcome.

Happy 1996,

Bert Otten
MGB '67 GHN3L/100469

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