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Re: MGB original colors

Subject: Re: MGB original colors
From: Wayne Kube <>
Date: Thu, 28 Dec 1995 17:03:03 -0600 wrote:
> ** Reply Requested When Convenient **
> Hi, fellow scions,
> This must a trivial question, but after spending some time at the MG
> pages at the WWW, I still can't find a code scheme or list of the
> original MGB colours.
> My "B" is planned to be sprayed in the beginning of january and I'm
> still not certain what colour it has to get. The original colour, in
> '67, was black, - and the DPO painted it metallic green once), but,
> no offence to you who's B is painted Black, I really don't like
> black.
> The next best thing, because the engine bay is still looking OK in
> black, is not to deviate too much, so my first option is Midnight
> Blue (MGBlue) or British Racing Green (although there are already so
> much of those!).
> Question: Does anyone have the RAL - code(s) (possibly that's
> European) of these both colours? (They're not listed in Lindsay
> Porter's book?!)
> Any information is welcome.
> Happy 1996,
> Bert Otten
> MGB '67 GHN3L/100469



Get a copy of Moss's catalogue.  There is a comprehensive color code listing by 
model years in 
the back pages.  I am at work and don't have a copy right now...e-mail me 
directly if you have 
any specific questions that I can answer.

Wayne Kube
Plano, TX
'79 MGB Still Under Restoration
'91 Isuzu Rodeo

"I just can't drive 55......"

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