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Two Issues - Windscreend / Steering Wheel

Subject: Two Issues - Windscreend / Steering Wheel
Date: Thu, 28 Dec 1995 22:01:03 -0500

First, this weekend I intend to install a new windscreen to my 63 MGB.
Unfortunately, my first attempt to install a new windscreen gaskets resulted
in a crack window - bummer. On the advice on a local MG shop, I am having a
local glass company install the glass into the frame. My question is - are
there any particular problems that I should be aware of when I get prepared
to install the new windscreen back on the car?

Steering Wheel

The steering wheel on my car has been striped of the whatever covered the
outside steel rim otherwise itís in good shape. I source new steering wheels
from MOSS and Victoria British  - WOW, they are precious. Any advice of how
or who can restore my present steering wheel? How much would one expect to
pay to have a steering wheel restored?

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