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Re: Two Issues - Windscreend / Steering Wheel

Subject: Re: Two Issues - Windscreend / Steering Wheel
From: (Ernest E. Gilbert)
Date: Sat, 30 Dec 1995 18:40:59 -0800
>The steering wheel on my car has been striped of the whatever covered the
>outside steel rim otherwise it's in good shape. I source new steering wheels
>from MOSS and Victoria British  - WOW, they are precious. Any advice of how
>or who can restore my present steering wheel? How much would one expect to
>pay to have a steering wheel restored?
By the price they do seem proud of their remanufactured wheels, but without
cause. On the original the 'bumps' were convex and fell between your
fingers. On the repro from Moss at least the bumps are concave and your
fingers are in them. Don't have on handy but there are many very good shops
that restore steering wheels that advertise in Hemmings. If you don't have
access to a hemmings e-mail and ask him to look it up for you.

Regards and luck

Ernest 'If we had an MG legal system I would be out of work' Gilbert

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