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One answer, was: Two Issues - Windscreend / Steering Wheel

Subject: One answer, was: Two Issues - Windscreend / Steering Wheel
From: (Will Zehring)
Date: Fri, 29 Dec 1995 08:35:51 -0500
>My question is - are
>there any particular problems that I should be aware of when I get prepared
>to install the new windscreen back on the car?

I did the same job this past spring when I decided to get a tonneau cover 
and needed to mount snap-studs on the dash (scuttle?).  As you already know, 
the roadster windshield (frame and glass) is easy to remove; disconnect the 
pairs of bolts at the two corners and the pair in the middle post.  Putting 
it back is quite another trick.  I *urge* you to find a cooperative friend 
to help.  It was a soul-testing exercise for me to put it back on alone.  
That is: it was d**n near impossible to get the four corner bolts started in 
their captive nuts *and* provide enough down-force on the frame to align the 
frame's holes with the captive nuts.  Then one also has to worry about 
keeping the rubber at the base folded out properly.  I had new rubber and it 
insisted on curling back up into itself.  What I thought would take about 45 
mins took me, working alone, about 2 hours, followed by at least an hour of 
primal screaming and chest beating in the back yard to celebrate the kill 
(god, I love this car!).  Those last two bolts at the center were easy, sort 
of like peeling the skin off a cat (for all you dog lovers out there).  
Again: find a buddy to help.  You probably only have two hands and the job 
needs three, at a minimum.  Alternatively, keep it off, and drive with 
goggles.  While mine was off I noticed how much more rake-ish (sp?) the car 

yet another example of how reassembly is *not* the reverse of disassembly!
Peter Egan, how wise thou art!

Can't offer advice on the steering wheel.

Will "dog lover, you bet" Zehring

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