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Re: MGB idle

Subject: Re: MGB idle
Date: Fri, 29 Dec 1995 01:30:09 -0500
Well, I have lost the original post while I was away visiting
inlaws but here is my suggestion to the guy who was having
trouble getting a steady idle:

The last post I saw, he mentioned that the PO had converted
to negative ground.  Check the polarity of the coil.  Believe it
or not, you do get a better spark, at a lower voltageif the voltage at 
the spark plug terminal is negative.  According to an article
in the tech tips from the Carolinas Area Austin-Healey Club, 
this is because the center electrode on the spark plug gets 
hotter than the side electrode.  Electrons will jump the gap 
more easily from a hotter electrode.  

If the coil has the terminals marked + and -, the - terminal 
should be connected to the wire which goes to the points.

Hope this helps,
Peter Schauss
1980 MGB
1963 Austin-Healey Mk II

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