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Date: Sun, 31 Dec 1995 00:54:57 -0500
> I almost hate to ask this (it's a sickness, you know), but does anyone out
> there own a mid-60's Humber Super Snipe.

I don't own one, but if you don't buy it (and it's within driving-back
distance of Seattle), let me know.

Here's what the ever-handy Catalog of Imported Cars has to say:

(this is for 1961...the cars evidently did not change much through 1967)

Quad (side by side) headlamps were the most noticeable change on the
face-lifted six-cylinder Humber, standing above a revised grille layout.
Rectangular parking lights were incorporated into the outer ends of the new
full-width grille, which consisted of horizontal strips and wrapped arounf
the front fenders. The grille's upper molding drooped a bit at the hood
edges, to run below the headlamp pairs. Block lettering spelled out the
"HUMBER" name at the front, with no ornament or insignia used. A single trim
strip decorated the body side. Vertical three-section taillamps stood at
fender tips. The car's front overhang was extended a bit, to accept optional
air conditioning. Rich leather/walnut continued to adorn the interior.
Polished walnut veneer was evident on the dashboard, sills, and back-seat
picnic tables. Automatic lights for underhood, trunk and glove compartment
were standard. A warning light showed when choke was engaged.

Engine output was the same as in 1960, but internal changes included new main
bearings, oil pump, and water pump. Dealer-installed power steering was
available. As before, Snipes imported to the US came with standard
Borg-Warner automatic, power brakes and heater.

ID DATA: Serial number is on plate on firewall

BASE SIX: Inline, ohv six-cylinder. Cast iron block and head. Displacement:
180.8 ci. BHP: 129 @ 4800 rpm. Torque: 162 lbs-ft @ 1800 rpm. Four main
bearings, solid lifters, one Zenith carb.

CHASSIS: Wheelbase: 110 in. Overall Length: 188 in. Height: 61 in. Width 69.5
in. Weight: 3351 lbs.

SUSPENSION: Front: Independent, coil springs and swinging links. Rear: Rigid
axle with semi-elliptic leaf springs and anti-sway bar. Brakes: disc front,
drum rear.

BODY: Unibody, steel body and frame, welded together.

OPTIONS: Auto tranny, LdN overdrive, power steering, individual recling front
seats, radio, whitewall tires.

PERFORMANCE: Top Speed: 90-96 mph. 0-60 mph: 16 seconds. 1/4 mile: 21.5 sec.
Fuel mileage: 22 mpg.

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