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Re: er..Indy

Subject: Re: er..Indy
From: (Scotty)
Date: Sun, 31 Dec 1995 19:33:29 +1030
Hi Terry,
        yes we are going to INDY96, the chairman is John Twist, and the
Registrar is TOM BOSCARINO,
             34, PARK AVE,
             ASHVILLE, NC, 28803-2056.

On the instruction sheet it said to send the form and check or Credit Card
details to:- MG-96
             PO Box 432,
             Skyland, NC, 28776.

Also instructed people NOT to mail after June 1, After June 1 you must
register at Indianapolis. 

        At the INDY meeting, can we all get together? [the list people] and
swap a few lies over a glass of refreshment and a little sustenance? What
do others think? Yesterday, Mike Leckstein, suggested that the list
members could maybe award a MOWOG trophy for something? "Just a thought on
that" we could volounteer Mike to arrange a venue, E-Mail us, and we are off
and running. We would like to meet y`all socially at INDY, so I endorse the
idea for one.[Dont be shy guys, comments please?] :-)

John[Scotty] & Carol Scott,

P.S. [Apologies to Mike for Dobbing him in! Good on ya mate!]

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>I should cutdown on the coffee m'self! After that last rant, I forgot my
>Indy question - anyone on this list planning on attending? How's
>registration? Am I too late?
>Terry "Maybe I'm Still In The '60s" Williams
>'70 GT
>'68 Roadster
>'77 Roadster
>'96 Indy bound
>            "Santa's Elves are just a bunch of subordinate clauses"
>                                    Happy Holidays!
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