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Re:Bob McDonald

Subject: Re:Bob McDonald
From: (Robert E Skillman)
Date: Sun, 31 Dec 1995 23:18:53 -0500
> Has anyone in net land had the opportunity to replace a speedometer drive-gear
> on a early non-overdrive MGB. I have a good speedometer, angle-drive and
>cable. I
> still have a disfunctional MPH indicator. It seems the only thing left is the
> transmission drive gear. Is it possible to make the repair while leaving the
> gearbox in the car. BTW this is a 66B gearbox. Thanks in advance!

     There is a large, expensive ($90-1000) right angle drive that links
the speedo cable to the transmission.  Follow your cable down from the
speedo and it should be on the left side of the transmission.  The male end
which fits into the transmission appears to be a solid piece of metal but
it in fact a compressed wire like material, designed I guess to give first
rather than damage the internal drive in the transmission.  I'll bet this
is your problem.  Remove this angle, along with the speedo end of the
cable.  Turn the end of the angle, if not damaged, and have someone in the
car note if the cable at the speedo end turns.  Victoria British part no.
for the angle is 2-261 but you might try to find a good used one to save
some money.  Best Luck

                   Bob Skillman  47 TC, 68 MGC

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