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Re: er..Indy

Subject: Re: er..Indy
From: (Robert E Skillman)
Date: Sun, 31 Dec 1995 23:18:26 -0500
>I should cutdown on the coffee m'self! After that last rant, I forgot my
>Indy question - anyone on this list planning on attending? How's
>registration? Am I too late?
>Terry "Maybe I'm Still In The '60s" Williams
>'70 GT
>'68 Roadster
>'77 Roadster
>'96 Indy bound
>            "Santa's Elves are just a bunch of subordinate clauses"
>                                    Happy Holidays!

     I registered my TC and MGC in early December and received numbers
around 525.  As far as I know there is no limit to the amount of cars at
the Indy meet, but only the first 1000 registered will be allowed on the
Indy track (yeah, yeah-subject to cancellation).  If you are interested in
driving on the track I would suggest registering soon, as entrants will
probably increase exponentialy as the deadline nears.

                  Bob Skillman, Ellicott City MD

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