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Re: Oy, you Brits!

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Subject: Re: Oy, you Brits!
From: Phil Raby <>
Date: Wed, 1 Apr 98 10:59:46 +0100
On 1/4/98 10:05 am said

>now that BMW bought Rolls Royce we feel it is time for the House of 
>Windsor to be 
>taken over by the House of Orange.
>Our tradition would offer respect and support for a unique institution, 
>and of course QE 
>would be kept on as long as she lives. The greatest advantage would be the 
>avoidance of an unfriendly takeover by the Murrikans, looking to buy some 
>Besides, the Corgis would be safe from Bill Clinton.
>Tomorrow would seem an appropriate day to start the Due Diligence. Shall 
>we say, 
>around tea time?

Not sure it's a good idea, they may reintroduce some old models. Anyone 
for a retro-look Henry VIII but with a full warranty against VD? Or maybe 
an Elizabeth I with a fully working sex life? Or even a Diana with a 
built-in airbag?


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