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Subject: Re: Williams-MG
From: Phil Raby <>
Date: Wed, 1 Apr 98 10:59:42 +0100
Just received more news:

>Regarding the Williams MG - exciting news, of course, but
>someone should tell Williams that F1 limit is 3.0-Litres Still, that
>shouldn't be a problem - they've cheated before, and they'll cheat again.
>By shortening the stroke they'll be able to make the engine rev even
>faster. Because there will not be as much piston area as on V10s they will
>have to make the MG KV8 rev even faster - say, up to 20,000rpm - so that it
>can swallow as much fuel-air mixture. 
>  The engine may be a tiny bit too heavy, and my own spies tell me that
>Williams is already developing a retractable castor under the engine, which
>will poke out through the flat bottom of the tub when needed, thus turning
>the Williams-MG into a five-wheeler.
>  I have other spies who are not convinced that it will actually be a V8
>layout. When Williams developed the Metro 6R4 for BL, they cut down a Rover
>V8 into a V6. My spies understand that the V8 you mention may only be an
>interim solution, and that the longer term engine (due for launch on 1
>April 2000) will be a V10, made in a complex cut-and-carve way that
>Williams has not yet settled, but it may be 3 +2 for each bank, with a lot
>of aerospace-standard welding.
>  The new Williams-MG F1 car is already being styled, with input from Gerry
>McGovern, though I understand there is a problem with getting two colossal
>egos - McGovern and Patrick Head - into the same wind tunnel.
(Name and address withheld, suffice to say it's someone well-known in the 
MG world)


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