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Re: Anti run on mech MGB

To: Rene and Marion van Maanen <>
Subject: Re: Anti run on mech MGB
From: Paul Hunt <>
Date: Wed, 01 Apr 1998 20:23:54 +0000
Rene and Marion van Maanen wrote:
> Paul Hunt wrote:
> >
> > Working round the problem doesn't fix it, don't become a DPO.
> First, what is a DPO? second, Didn't all 1800 engines run on? So my fix
> will not be a workaround?
> A agree in not creating WO's.

Hi Rene - a DPO is a 'Dumb Previous Owner', I believe.

I agree they do tend to run on, but due to deisel-ing, not because you still 
have power 
to the coil.  If running-on is stopped by removing a wire from the coil then 
there is a 
definite electrical fault which should be investigated and fixed.  That is why 
anti-run on device lets air into the manifold instead of doing something with 
the coil.

Incidentally, I have never had a car with an anti-run on valve and had always 
that they were always energised and closed when the ignition was on and always 
de-energised and open when it was off.  But when someone mentioned it clicked a 
seconds after the engine stopped I realised that it must be normally 
de-energised and 
closed when the engine is running or stationary, energised and open as the 
engine is 
turned off, then de-energised and closed again when the engine has stoped 
rotating and 
the oil-pressure drops. 


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