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Re: friends on the list/we learn every day

Subject: Re: friends on the list/we learn every day
Date: Sat, 04 Apr 1998 07:08:38 EST
Hi Mike,
  At least another one of us was working on an MG.  We got the engine out
of the TD during the afternoon and mounted it to the engine stand.  The
sump, transmission, clutch housing and  manifolds are off now, and the
most of the bolts for the timing chain cover. One is blocked by the
waterpump, which seems to be stuck.  Soaked that with liquid wrench, then
headed into the house with a tired back and crossed eyes.  Ron Santry
came over to lend assistance and expertise, and Ron Jarocz loaned the
lift.  My attempts with the micrometer tell me that the crank is OK, but
I'll ask someone more proficient to double-check. Today, Saturday, I
think I'll push the car out onto the driveway and scrub down the scoodich
that has accumulated over the 47 years of operation. It's mostly bugs and
dust, of course, no oil leaks in an MG.

On Fri, 03 Apr 1998 16:57:56 EST writes:
>Just wanted to report an excellent MG day yesterday - I took the 69 
>for a "little"
>250 mile round trip to see a couple of friends and help one of them 
>prep his car for paint. Had a huge amount of fun, and  as many of you 
>will know three guys working on a B will get the job done in precisely 
>the same amount of time as one would - but you come away knowing two 
>other ways to do it - !!
>I got to drive a V8 - (I'd recomment this as a cure for middle aged 
>impotency!!!) - now i know I'll likely never do a V8 conversion but i 
>ABSOLUTELY know why people do them-
>This is NOT your fathers MGB!
>I got a lot of ideas that will aid my own final prep of the 69 - my 
>other two were 'finger in the wind" restorations
>No real point to the post - just wanted to make you all jealous that 
>three of us were having a great day while you were all working!!
>mike robson
>69 roadster
>70 BGT
>72 roadster

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