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Re: Crankshaft pulley woes

To: Matt Kulka <>
Subject: Re: Crankshaft pulley woes
From: Art Pfenninger <ch155@FreeNet.Buffalo.EDU>
Date: Sat, 4 Apr 1998 10:30:57 -0500 (EST)
        If all else fails check Hemmings for junk yards. Have you tried
the classifieds on line?

On Fri, 3 Apr 1998, Matt Kulka wrote:

> Augh.  Well, I've hit yet another speed bump in rebuilding my '74.  For
> those that read my last post about misaligned timing sprockets, since
> the shims are .006", I'm aiming for +/- .003" and ordered a stack of
> them to handle the .050" difference.
> But now I'm stuck on a new problem.  My Crankshaft pulley is cracked. 
> Not around the rubber ring, but out from the corners of the slot for the
> woodruff key.  Looks like some meat-fisted mechanic was prying off the
> pulley at one time and actually cocked it over, cracking the hub at it's
> weakest point.  
> Anyway, I haven't found a place that stocks the dang thing, so I'm
> scouring junkyards in the Charlotte, NC (USA) area.  No surprise to me,
> I haven't found one in the area that has any MG's at all.  (Nobody in
> Charlotte dares own a car more than five years old.  It's a very strange
> place that way.)
> So now I'm back to pleading at the list-masses:  
> 1) Those of you who live in North and South Carolina, where do you go
> for used parts?  
> 2) Anybody know where to get a crankshaft pulley for an 18V?
> Thanks again.
> Matt Kulka
> '74 B - no comment.

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