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Crankshaft pulley woes

To: mgs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: Crankshaft pulley woes
From: Matt Kulka <>
Date: Fri, 03 Apr 1998 16:06:38 -0500
Augh.  Well, I've hit yet another speed bump in rebuilding my '74.  For
those that read my last post about misaligned timing sprockets, since
the shims are .006", I'm aiming for +/- .003" and ordered a stack of
them to handle the .050" difference.

But now I'm stuck on a new problem.  My Crankshaft pulley is cracked. 
Not around the rubber ring, but out from the corners of the slot for the
woodruff key.  Looks like some meat-fisted mechanic was prying off the
pulley at one time and actually cocked it over, cracking the hub at it's
weakest point.  

Anyway, I haven't found a place that stocks the dang thing, so I'm
scouring junkyards in the Charlotte, NC (USA) area.  No surprise to me,
I haven't found one in the area that has any MG's at all.  (Nobody in
Charlotte dares own a car more than five years old.  It's a very strange
place that way.)

So now I'm back to pleading at the list-masses:  
1) Those of you who live in North and South Carolina, where do you go
for used parts?  
2) Anybody know where to get a crankshaft pulley for an 18V?

Thanks again.

Matt Kulka
'74 B - no comment.

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