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fuel pump

To: mgs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: fuel pump
From: danny <>
Date: Sun, 05 Apr 1998 00:31:32 -0800

I posted awhile ago about my 74 midget not starting, got a lot of good advice 
and are just waiting on another part (new points and condensor already bought)- 
the breaker plate in the distributor (yes, I switched the wires and fried one.. 
DOH! I'm doing all the stupid things ;) ). 

Okay.. here's my question...

On my vehicle, you have to flip a switch to start the fuel pump.  It's a little 
switch under the dash.  I flip the switch, hear clicking, and then start the 
car.  When it did start it did 2 things.  If I left it on it died; presumably 
flooding the engine (what does that technically do?).  If I started it, shut it 
off, it would die; presumably not getting enough fuel.  So I was talking with 
my Friend Larry, and he said if I was going to drive it with this I could do 
two things.  Either get a regulator to lessen the flow with the switch on and 
just leave it on, or drive turning it off and on... not exactly feasible.  So I 
was just wondering what you knowledgable ppl suggest.  I doubt it originally 
came with this annoying switch, so I'm really leaning towards purchasing a new 
one that goes with the car w/o a switch, or getting the regulator so I won't 
have to turn it off and on.  I think that's all the information...  

I live near San Diego, CA by the way, if anyone wants to cruise by and help out 
a desparate 17 year old wanting to drive his cool covertable on these gorgeous 
spring days! =D


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