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Re: Help! Yet another Brake Question.

To: "Andrew Lundgren" <>
Subject: Re: Help! Yet another Brake Question.
From: Bert Palte <>
Date: Sun, 5 Apr 98 10:56:03 +0200
At 09:49 04-04-1998, Andrew wrote:

>I am unable to answer your question, as I have immitation cylinders, but I am 
>curious about you only having a "single-circuit" brake system.  I also
>have a '70 B roadster.  (Oct '69 actually) and I have a dual system.  I did
have to replace
>my master cylinder, and the new one is also a dual systen.  How did you get
a single?
>(Not that I want one mind you, I would just like to know.)

Well, I live in Holland, Europe, just outside Amsterdam and my MG had been
delivered to Holland also when new in 1970. (I'm not the first owner; I was
still a school boy in 1970....).
Specifications are different for different markets (=parts of the world),
not just LHD or RHD but also technical specs differ. 
'Improvements' are left out when cost dictates it and when there are no laws
that make them mandatory. 

Generally speaking, what has been introduced (environmental control /
safety) in the USA is introduced here in Europe many years later. 

E.g.  catalytic converters for cars were only introduced here in 1989 or so.
I remember ordering a new car in 1989 and specifically ordering one with a
catalytic converter, standard was still without one (but then, unleaded was
not easily available, yet..). Anyway, in-between there was nothing in the
form of air pumps etc. etc. on cars here. 
Put into another form, you may state that environmental issues have been
'invented' here py the general public many years later than in the USA.

New cars have only been fitted with air bags for the last two years or so (I
A third brake light, compulsory in the USA from 1986 year models, is
compulsory in Europe from 1997 year models.  

So, my point is, not all MGS left the factory with the same specs, even when
they were built at the same time.
Hope this gives you some idea.

BTW now with the formation of the European Union, there is only ONE set of
laws for the whole union (except for taxation, these laws still differ
enormously) instead of, previously, separate laws for each member state.
Example: front direction indicator lights. In Italy they had to be white, in
Germany they had to be amber, in Holland they could be either colour.

BTW so may MGBs have been imported from the USA during the last few years
that USA specs MGBs now are the majority over here....


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