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Old parts and prices/springs/gas pump filter

To: mgs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: Old parts and prices/springs/gas pump filter
From: (Eric R. Stephen)
Date: Sun, 5 Apr 1998 08:15:02 -0400 (EDT)
Hello all:

The PO of my MGA 1600 has informed me that he has a few parts lying around
that he has just re-discovered.  They include a block (stripped), combo
master cylinder (clutch/brake) and starter for starters.  All apparently
need to be repaired in some way.  Any ideas on the price I should consider
paying for these parts.  He has a TC to rebuild and is looking for some
repair funds methinks!  Any advice would be appreciated.

On another note, I began replacing my rear springs yesterday.  Managed to
get the left side off and on in about three hours.  This included
replacing the stop, rebound strap and removal and refitting of the
Armstrong shock unit.  Taking the muffler off made for lots of room.  Used
the grinder at a local garage to buff 38 years of accumulated dirt, oil,
rust and whatever off, treated with brake cleaner, repinted
(actually that came later, subsituted a single malt for the suds
since it was cold out yesterday) and repainted the parts with Tremclad. 
The right hand side was a bit more of a challenge.  Followed a similar
precedure i.e. loosened all the nuts one by one to ensure everything was
going to come off.  Managed to snap off the front support bolt and
immediately went to the local (three of them acctually) rental shop to
pick up a sawzall. No one had one! Every store had rented their stock for
the day.  I guess everyone was out this weekend replaceing springs or
trying to remove transmission mounting bolts.  Went back to my trusty tool
box and hauled out my close-quarters hack saw, inserted a new blade and about
40 minutes later, voila, right hand spring was off.  Same story on this
side with the bumbers, strap and shock.  Today I just have to put the
second spring back on.

While under the car, I noticed the fuel pump and thought that I should
check the filter.  A question:  When I remove the filter is my gasoline
going to pour out or should I anticipate just a little seepage?

Anyway, off to put the spring on, I'll check back for the early bird
responses on the fuel filter question.

Thanks in advance,  Eric


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