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Re: 79 Midget low oil pressure warning light

To: mgs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: Re: 79 Midget low oil pressure warning light
From: Chris Kotting <>
Date: Sun, 05 Apr 1998 08:09:01 -0400
Richard -

How many miles are on those main and rod bearings?  The most common cause low
or no oil pressure in the 1500 is main and rod bearings that are worn.  The
1500 is hard on them, and it's just a good idea to replace them at about
40,000 mile intervals.  The good news is that it can be done pretty easily,
with the engine in the car (takes about an hour longer than an oil change).

Chris Kotting

Richard D. Arnold wrote:

> I've just replaced the oil pump in my '79 MIdget, along with the oil
> pressure bypass spring.  I still get a flickering warning light on a
> warmed through engine at anything less than 1500-1800 rpms.
> I'm going to hook up a mechanical guage to it this afternoon and check
> the pressure, but in the meantime, what are the odds that my sending unit
> is bad?
> Any other suggestions?
> Thanks!
> Rich

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