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Unable to pull distributor drive out...

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Subject: Unable to pull distributor drive out...
From: "Andrew Lundgren" <>
Date: Tue, 07 Apr 98 21:05:10
I have a '70 MGB.  My old cam was damaged so I am getting ready to put in a new 
cam shaft.  I have 
everything off except the old cam and the distributor drive.   I have a bold 
(about 4") screwed into the back 
of the drive like the manual says, but I am unable to pull it out.  I have 
pulled on it and wiggled the bolt with 
a pair of plyers, but despite my efforts, the bolt, and the drive are still in 
the engine, holding the cam shaft in.

Are there any tricks to this, or things that I might have missed while taking 
it apart?  Or should I just 
continue yanking on that thing until it comes?  The workshop manual just says I 
should be able to pull it out 
if the sump is on, or push it out if the sump is off.  My sump is off and I 
cannot pull it out or push it out.  (I 
can barely see the edge of the gear from the bottom anyway, let alone push it 

Help!  Thanks!

Andrew Lundgren

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