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To: WSpohn4 <>
Subject: Re: OD
From: Charles & Peggy Robinson <>
Date: Wed, 08 Apr 1998 20:29:04 -0700
Why?  Because it was my car and that's the way I wanted it!  It was my
toy and I played with it my way.  If I happened to break it I'd fix it. 
As it happened I never broke it.  I knew enough not to overstress it.

  As to the guy I sold it to, I explained all that to him.  If he didn't
like it he didn't have to buy it.  Shux, I offered to take out the jumper
wire.  If he let someone who didn't understand the situation drive it, it
was his problem; much as I deplore the breaking of a good LBC.  Anyway, 
I've never had much sympathy for anyone who'd shut down their car, parallel
parked, with the OD engaged and then complain if it got nudged backward and 

  C'mon, don't set yourself up as the Master at Arms for how we derive
our pleasure from our cars.  Different strokes, eh?
  Charley Robinson
  Kerrville, TX, USA
  NAMGBR  8-3530
  `69 B Roadster

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