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Re: steering column

To: Dave Hudson <>
Subject: Re: steering column
From: Rene and Marion van Maanen <>
Date: Thu, 09 Apr 1998 07:55:29 +0200
Dave Hudson wrote:
> Does anyone have experience with a 70 'B steering column that has a lot
> of vertical play at the top (steering wheel moves up and down 1/4 inch)?
> There doesn't seem to be a bushing available but has anyone tried to
> insert something like nylon, brass or felt? What about replacing it - The
> manual calls for a special alignment tool for that year.
>  -Dave


There is a lock nut about 3/4 " size, down under where the two axles
cross. Did you check this out for tightness?

Rene and Marion van Maanen
Netherlands Europe
SOHC #252 (intranet HP)

Honda CB360T ['76]
 Honda CB350F ['74]
  Honda CB750K2 ['75]
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