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!978 MGB For sale

To: mgs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: !978 MGB For sale
From: Bruce Pyle <>
Date: Sat, 11 Apr 1998 18:27:49 -0500
If you know anyone with spring fever that might want an MG that  should not
spend all its time in the shop this summer, I have a 1978 MGB in Akron Ohio
they might be interested in.

Current mileage 66850
Passed Echeck 14 Nov 97.
Rebuilt engine, clutch, 1000 miles back .
New (rebuilt) Weber Carburetor Nov 97.
Other Maintenance includes rewiring  and new parts for turn signals.
Always garaged.

I bought this car here in 1995 from a young lady who brought it from
Owensboro KY in 1994 and had owned the car 7 years. Mileage 65500 Jun 95.
Previous Owner Owensboro physician.

Top and interior had been renewed and significant other repairs and renewals
performed prior to '95. Extensive maintenance record.

This MG is in an excellent state of maintenance.

I have over $6000 in getting this car to this condition. Will sell for
$4800. By the time I got it to where it is fun to drive I foind I am too old
for that kind of fun.

Call  Bruce Pyle @ 330 864 2446
Foggy Corners (web page)

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