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Re: B manifold to downpipe flange - Intended Project

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Subject: Re: B manifold to downpipe flange - Intended Project
From: "Dan Ray" <>
Date: Sun, 12 Apr 1998 10:30:17 -0500
    Thanks to all for the advice on getting the exhaust off. I'm going to go
soak those nuts in WD40!
    BTW, I've pretty much decided to get a stock down pipe, (keeping the
manifold) then adapt it to a PECO exhaust. This will give me the option of
getting into a PECO or other 2" header down the road (maybe). I'm going to
attempt to put this thing together myself with no welding, paying close
attention to mounting with the stock brackets. I've noticed the welds as
critical failure points (probably due to poor craftsmanship, though)
     Step in if you think I'm being stupid. I haven't ordered anything yet.
My goal is to have the B back on the road by May 9th for a Louisville BC
club convoy to the Scottish Days near Cincinatti.
Thanks Again,
'73 B
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Date: Sunday, April 12, 1998 8:01 AM
Subject: Re: Tools for B manifold to downpipe flange

>Hi Dan,
>   Lots of liquid wrench and long extensions has been the way that has
>worked for me. I have had the car up on jackstands to do this, so could
>get a straight shot at the buggers.  Do, when you replace them, replace
>with brass nuts. DPOs often use steel, which then becomes one with the
>stud and makes a future mess. As to the liquid wrench, start using it on
>the bolts at least a week before you attack with the wrench. Might even
>buy that miracle stuff for $15 that Griot sells. On this task, it could
>be worth it. A broken stud means that the manifold has to come off, and a
>broken hand means that you're in a cast for a few weeks.
>On Sat, 11 Apr 1998 18:39:22 -0500 "Dan Ray" <>
>>Oh Wise Ones:
>>I spent some time today staring at the nuts/bolts to the lower flange
>>between the manifold and pipe.
>>I'm thinking I'll need a 10" extension and swivel to get those nuts
>>off, and
>>I have neither. I don't have the privelege of a Snap-On collection,
>>but these are two things I need anyway.
>> I correct? I learned the "right tool for the right job" way.
>>Seems I
>>need to get these tools anyway,  so before I do, I figured I'd ask
>>what they've used to get at those suckers... rounded nuts (no jokes
>>haha) would not make me happy!
>>'73 B "deadlined" for safety -- CO...cough cough)
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