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'70 GT - Thermostat (again)

To: mgs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: '70 GT - Thermostat (again)
From: Gary Davis <>
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 07:56:28 -0600
Greetings . . . . 

Over the weekend, my temperature gauge needle fluctuated
considerably between cold and normal.  It would sit on dead cold and
then move halfway to normal, back to cold, then to normal, and then back
somewhere in between.  I assumed my thermostat was gone and
replaced it.  I bought a 160 for summer.  When I took the old one out, it
was a 190.  What would be the logic of having a 190 thermostat in
Phoenix (where my car came from)?

With the 160 in and the engine warm, the temperature gauge registers
about one-third of the way between cold and normal.  Is that about right
for a 160?  With the 190 in, when it was warm, it would sit dead on

Is there a problem running the engine at this cooler temperature?  Should
I put in a hotter thermostat?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  I
live in Montana if that adds useful information.

Thanks - Gary Davis

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