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Re: An MGA timing question

To: "Eric R. Stephen" <>
Subject: Re: An MGA timing question
From: Paul Hunt <>
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 15:47:38 +0000
Eric R. Stephen wrote:
> ***********************************
> I had the dizzy ouy to replace the vacuum advanced unit.  Re-installed it
> and followed the Haynes manual timing procedure.  Problems are as follows:
> (1) on advancing the dizzy the rpms climbed (I set back the throttle screw
> to maintain 1000 rpm) and continued until rough, turned back until smooth
> and then back another 1/16" andlocked down.  Now I can't get the rpm's
> down below approx 2000 rpm (the throttle screws are now all the way out).
> (2) also backfired through the carb.  Any ideas would be appreciated.

Don't have an A  but make sure your throttle cable and choke cables aren't 
the throttle open, also check the inter-carb linkage.  Had a problem on my V8 
mis-aligned linkage caused one of the butterfly's to stick open a bit.

> By the way I'm out to pick up a combo digital tack/dwell meter/timing light,
> and will be a few minutes.  What rpm should the timing be set at?  I
> believe Haynes asys the rpm have to be arounf 600 rpm (currently an
> impossibility at 2000 rpm).   Haynes suggests setting the dwell at between
> 60 - 63 degrees to set the points up.  Anyone had experience with this
> method?

I use dwell on the V8 as you can adjust it with the engine running and I had 
problems getting the correct gap with feelers.  Feelers produce the correct 
on the roadster, and the points are such a pig to adjust in-situ that I take 
whole thing out to check/adjust/replace them.  Can't see the point (ho ho) of 
dwell to check points that can only be adjusted with the engine stopped and the 
off.  A bench-rig might be helpful, also to check the advance curve.


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