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Gasket Adhesive Primer

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Subject: Gasket Adhesive Primer
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 98 08:14:40 -0500
     Hello All,
     Am in the process of rebuilding my 53TD, have received the famous 
     "gasket kit", and would appreciate a brief primer from you experts out 
     there on the recommended types of adhesives to use for each type of 
     gasket (or is it the types of adhesives to use for where the gasket is 
     used?). I visited my local auto parts store and frankly walked away a 
     little confused. As you all know, I believe there are the 
     -very thin paper type gaskets, 
     -thicker cardboard type gaskets, 
     -the cork gaskets and 
     -the copper gaskets (heads not exhaust)
     -maybe others... 
     I know where they all go; it's just the 'rule of thumb(s)' I'm 
     missing. Have heard too many 'war stories' on leaks after engine 
     installed due to gasket sealing problems. I was reading that some 
     should be soaked (in what?, how long?), some use silicone/ 
     non-silicone, red, black, blue, number 1, 2, etc., hi-tack, dry, 
     brush-on, spray-on, etc.
     Dropping brand names would also be helpful as well as literature I 
     could get.
     Ray Rockwell
     Cary, NC

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