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In defense of Weber carbs

To: mgs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: In defense of Weber carbs
From: David Tietz <>
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 14:01:48 -0400
Bill Schooler wrote:

Please, please, please - all you folks who are enamored with the Weber
downdraft read the following:

This is absolutely the best info I have seen concerning carb choices for
the MGB.  Read it and you will understand why folks seem to be having
trouble setting up these carbs for the B engine.  To my mind, it would
seem much simpler to convert the Zenith Stromberg configuration to dual
SUs, rather than going thru all the difficulties with the downdraft
Weber.  Bear in mind that I am a confirmed member of the OF fraternity.
And, as some of you will remember, my opinion of the Weber downdraft
device is that it makes an excellent boat anchor.  When filled with
melted wheel balance weights.


Your description of problems with the Weber carb certainly has not been
my experience. I did read the tech article at that WEB site, but I can't
agree that the down-draft Weber is a bad carb for the MGB. I have had
SU's and I currently have Webers on both my B's. Both Webers were bought
used, but I put a new kit in each before I installed them (three years
ago in the first case - my daily driver, two years ago in the second)
and haven't touched them since.

Difficulties? The complexity of the conversion was dismantling all the
components of the dual carbs (linkage, fuel lines, and manifold
assembly) to get to the point where I could bolt on the manifold. I
admit I had to run a wire to the automatic choke, but that effort has
been repaid many, many  cold starts over (Choke knob?? What's that?) My
MGs start like a modern car.

After installing the kit, bolting it to the manifold and hooking up the
throttle cable (easy), vacuum hose and choke lead, all I did was adjust
the idle mixture screw (OK and idle speed). It was NOTHING like fitting
(and adjusting linkages & dual tuning) twin SU's.

I have no dashpots to replenish the oil level in, one float, one needle
valve & seat, one fuel hose, one vacuum hose, one air filter, and all
the linkage is on the carb - simplicity itself - and the Webers have
never leaked gasoline!

I know this is a Ford/Chevy, Triumph/MG or Democrat/Republican kind of
debate, but from MY experince - having dealt with both types - my cars
have never started so easy, idled as well, gotten as good of gas
mileage, and stayed so "in-tune" as they have equipped with their
Webers. I could not tell any performance difference (better or worse)
between the single Webber or dual SUs.

I'm sure a person could have a bad experience with any carburettor, and
I know SU's are pretty reliable... But I believe Weber is better (it
most certainly is simpler).

Dave Tietz

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