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Re: MGB top (hood) Cover

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Subject: Re: MGB top (hood) Cover
From: "Dan Ray" <>
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 21:10:41 -0500
Sounds like I have one original and one aftermarket that do the same thing.
I'll let you know how the covered cockpit goes...
Here in Kentucky, I've found my B illicits more smiles and hand waving than
blank "what the hell is that" stares. When parked, it is ignored as "a noisy
little furrin thing" or makes on-the-spot, instant friends who will take
half an hour out of our mutual schedules to tell you how they had one once
upon a time, or knew someone that did. There aren't a lot of LBCs here, but
then there aren't a lot of Porsches and Ferraris either.
In this part of the country, I've discovered that people love all cars, even
the "weird ones". The assumption of elitism based on weather protection of
this classic machine here would pretty much be a "furrin" concept as well,
no joke...
I like it here, even if there's not a British mechanic or British parts
store within a thousand miles. :)
'73 B
>When my 'B' was new it never came with the two piece tonneau bar, or a
>tonneau or top cover, either. Perhaps earlier years did. I'd be
>curious to know what kind of reaction your new tonneau gets around
>town-- as I mentioned before it elicits hostility around L.A.!

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