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Re: Transfer

To: Larry Pitts <>
Subject: Re: Transfer
From: Philip Morgan <>
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 19:07:47 -0700
Larry Pitts wrote:
> Sorry to bomb the list but my company is transferring my office to
> Indianapolis from the SanFrancisco area. Any listers who could fill me in on
> smog requirements, MG happenings, and other general info about the Indy
> area?
>                                             Happy in Ca.
> 71GT
> 73 Roadster
> 74 Tr6
> (71 GT for sale soon)

There are no smog requirements to worry about in Indiana but there are a 
great deal of things going on for the MG/British Car enthusiast. In 
Indianapolis you have one of the finest MG Service Mechanics - Bob 
Connell. About five hours away you have the MG guru John Twist (Grand 
Rapids, MI)     As regards club activities there are many - the Indiana 
Hoosiers MGB Club, the Indiana British Car Union. And to the north of 
Indy (2/3 hrs) our very own 101 Lakes British Motor Club. We 
sponsor/organise the 101 Lakes Challenge. Also this coming July, if you 
are here by then visit the 6th Annual "Tea at the Vicarage" rapidly 
becoming one of the must attend meets in the Midwest. If you want more 
detailed info on these things let me know and I will make sure you are 
put on the mailing lists!
Regards Padre

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