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Re: Transfer

To: Larry Pitts <>
Subject: Re: Transfer
From: Don Markham <>
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 20:29:03 +0000
    It's great to know this are is getting another MG enthusiast! As far as any
smog requirements, there is NOT an Indiana Vehicle inspection anymore. There are
several british car clubs in the area which put on several shows a year. As far
as info on the Indy area, you might find some info at, this is
the web site of the Indianapolis star newspaper. If I can be of any more help,
let me know.

Don Markham (Kokomo, In.)

Larry Pitts wrote:

> Sorry to bomb the list but my company is transferring my office to
> Indianapolis from the SanFrancisco area. Any listers who could fill me in on
> smog requirements, MG happenings, and other general info about the Indy
> area?
>                                             Happy in Ca.
> 71GT
> 73 Roadster
> 74 Tr6
> (71 GT for sale soon)

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