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Re: Wish I'd known

To: mgs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: Re: Wish I'd known
From: stuart farmer <>
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 07:33:35 -0700
At 06:10 PM 4/14/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Ive just discovered the mgs@autox, I wish I'd known about it when I
>started the restoration of my 1979 MGB.
I had the same problem with my '79 MGB. Whenever I used the turn signals
the second fuse from the bottom would blow. This caused the temp.gauge, 
fuel gauge, tachometer, etc etc to not work.
After some hours of investigating I found that the previous owner had
connected one of the rear turn lamps directly to ground (red to black) !!
I changed it to red to red, black to black and now everything works as it
You MAY have the same problem ??
Cheerio, Stuart.....'79MGB (with the top down).

>       I have just got everything back together and it runs great. the only
>problem is that the fuel and temperature gages are both totally idle,
>even when I know there is fuel in the tank, and I can feel the engine is
>hot after running!  I have replaced the temp sender unit and both
>instruments used to work before I took the engine out. I did not mess
>about under the dash (and looking up behind the dash I dont think it
>would be a good idea!)  In what may be a connected problem I have blown
>about half a dozen 25amp fuses over the last two weeks (in the second
>breaker from the bottom - the one that supports the ignition related
>components like wipers and rev counter.)
>I read in the book that both these instruments make use of a voltage
>stabilizer. Could this be a problem and how should I test it? Or does
>anyone have any suggestions.
>Thanks for your help anyone who has any ideas!
Stuart Farmer 

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