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Re: Stupid Question- Point of Order, If I may

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Subject: Re: Stupid Question- Point of Order, If I may
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 09:39:55 -0700 (PDT) (9:39 am 16:39 UT)
How sad.  Let me ask all those that feel like signing off: Please don't.
Every once in a while, we have a wildfire on our list that seems to burn
off some of the frustrations we all have in our lives, and some people
get hurt and upset.
Just sit back and let the fire rage and die out, and the list will get
back to normal.  We all have a lot of fun here, we share common interests
and common conflicts, and even the OFs and the veterans can stand to
learn from the newbies, even if they don't yet know the lingo, or
they missed the information that Mark so kindly tries to provide.
Jeez!  I hate preaching, but I so enjoy welcoming a new enthusiast, and
it pains me so to see them slapped down.

So:  WELCOME TO THE LIST.  We're not perfect.  But we're good!  ;-)
It's my turn for a stupid question:  Where's our FAQ?  I forgot the URL...

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