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Re: Apologies

To: "Mark Bradakis" <>, <mgs@Autox.Team.Net>
Subject: Re: Apologies
From: "Mike Lishego" <>
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1998 01:39:35 -0400
        I'd like to thank you for a helluva job well done.  Since I've found 
list, it's become a part of my life, as I'm sure it has for many others. 
Of course, like life, we have joy and pain, anger and laughs.  We
understand - everybody has a right to go postal once in a while, and since
you're our "E-mail postman" you have an extra reason!
        BTW, what's your address?  I'd like to make a humble donation to show my
appreciation.  Thanks again for a job well done.

"Take time to smell the roadsters."
Michael S. Lishego

> From: Mark Bradakis <>
> To:
> Subject: Apologies
> Date: Wednesday, April 15, 1998 12:54 PM
> Well, now that my wife and her group's various musical apparatus are on
> way to Phoenix, I can get to my email.  No doubt, I can imagine what a
> bit of it is about.
> The message I sent out yesterday was unacceptable behavior on my part.
> I could have provided the same information in a much more pleasant and
> helpful manner.  My guess, though, is that if folks actually read the
> info, and followed the various guidelines, the time I spend cleaning up
> after them would be cut by roughly half.  So poor Fred just happened to
> ask a question that I assumed came from his not reading the list info
> Maybe it did, maybe it didn't, that doesn't matter.  I shold not have
> chastised the hapless fellow in the manner in which I did.  Odd, though,
> that it was just the MG list.  Long time list subscribers may remember
> about once every two or three years I crack under the pressure and I'll
> off some scathing rant, but I usually send it to *everybody* on all the
> I've already sent a personal note of apology to Fred, I hope that my
> behavior does not taint his opinion of the entire list population.  As a
> subscriber, he was likely quite happy to find such a resource as this
> and then I come along and scare him away.  Geez.
> Actually, I don't usually read any of the lists, I was just cleaning up
> in the digest, one of the tasks I do to try and keep the size down for
> benefit of Juno subscribers with a small mail size limit.  And I saw
> question and flew off the handle.  Actually, RealSoonNow I'll move the MG
> digest creation under majordomo control, which will automatically send
> an issue when it gets too large, something I've been doing by hand so
> Folks on the MG digest and the vintage-race digest may have noticed that
> the two look a bit different.
> Anyway, enough of that, once again I apologise to the list members, Fred
> especially, for my rantings.
> mjb.

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