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To: mgs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: Apologies
From: Mark Bradakis <>
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 10:54:30 -0600 (MDT)
Well, now that my wife and her group's various musical apparatus are on their
way to Phoenix, I can get to my email.  No doubt, I can imagine what a fair
bit of it is about.

The message I sent out yesterday was unacceptable behavior on my part.
I could have provided the same information in a much more pleasant and
helpful manner.  My guess, though, is that if folks actually read the
info, and followed the various guidelines, the time I spend cleaning up
after them would be cut by roughly half.  So poor Fred just happened to
ask a question that I assumed came from his not reading the list info file.

Maybe it did, maybe it didn't, that doesn't matter.  I shold not have
chastised the hapless fellow in the manner in which I did.  Odd, though,
that it was just the MG list.  Long time list subscribers may remember that
about once every two or three years I crack under the pressure and I'll whip
off some scathing rant, but I usually send it to *everybody* on all the lists.

I've already sent a personal note of apology to Fred, I hope that my boorish
behavior does not taint his opinion of the entire list population.  As a new
subscriber, he was likely quite happy to find such a resource as this list,
and then I come along and scare him away.  Geez.

Actually, I don't usually read any of the lists, I was just cleaning up stuff
in the digest, one of the tasks I do to try and keep the size down for the
benefit of Juno subscribers with a small mail size limit.  And I saw Fred's
question and flew off the handle.  Actually, RealSoonNow I'll move the MG
digest creation under majordomo control, which will automatically send out
an issue when it gets too large, something I've been doing by hand so far.
Folks on the MG digest and the vintage-race digest may have noticed that
the two look a bit different.

Anyway, enough of that, once again I apologise to the list members, Fred
especially, for my rantings.


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