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Re: Fwd: electrical fire ;-(

To: HGlenBetts <>
Subject: Re: Fwd: electrical fire ;-(
From: Paul Hunt <>
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1998 19:39:43 +0000
HGlenBetts wrote:
>  The other day I installed a new battery and started it up. ran pretty good (
> still on blocks, finishing up the rostyles). Shut it down then started
> cleaning dash and gauge faces when the frightening odor of burning wire hit
> the air. Popped the hood and yanked a few wires. The ignition was not all the
> way off. also noted that the light switch ws set at parking lamp.
>  The wire that toasted was Red/Green, from fuze box to light switch. The
> entire wire is toasted,end to end, and burned through others. I will be
> stripping the harness, visually checking for other damage and installing a new
> light switch.
>  #2 fuze did blow. This is linked hot with #1. The other side of fuze is red
> wire (some right side lamps etc.)

No 2 fuse feed RHS side lights, No 1 feeds LHS.  Were either of the reds from 
the fuse 
(one to the front and one to the back) damaged?  If not it sounds like your 
short was right on 
the output side of the fuse.  You may well have damaged the switch as well as 
the brown wire 
feeding it.  It sounds like it wasn't a full short or the fuse would have done 
what it was 
supposed to do and blown right away.  Either that or it was a fuse of too high 
a rating (should 
be 17 amps currentn rated, 35 amps blow rated)


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