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Marina carb on MGB

To: mgs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: Marina carb on MGB
From: Mowog 1 <>
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1998 23:28:07 EDT
Yo chaps!

I have run an Austin Marina HIF 6 on my '78 MGB since 1993. It is truly an
easy conversion. Bolt it a manual choke....change the thottle
cable....put a pancake filter on it.

It has given me absolutely NO problems in 5 years. As to
still only have one between the lines. (In driving out to
Lake Tahoe in 1995 through the Rocky Mountains at 13k was 30 mph up
hill.....90 mph down hill......rather degrading to be passed by a
Winnebago!....At least I had a carburetted MGB V8 running with me  that was
experiencing the same problems due to his running too rich....and a 1974-1/2
MGB dual carb with only a little more power than I at elevation!)

I wish I would have gotten a Marina manifold rather than utilizing the combo
MGB manifold...I think performance would have been a little better. I still
have the outer body of a catalytic converter (no guts) running into a Falcon
SS exhaust system. The car runs well at all speeds....but is no "record maker"
if you know what I mean. I run a BBQ needle in the carb.

The HIF 6 is a GREAT conversation piece at car shows....("What the....that
ain't no Stromberg!") and I no longer worry about a water choke!


rick ingram
namgbr #0-134
amgcr #985

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