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Re: Marina carb on MGB

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Subject: Re: Marina carb on MGB
From: Steve Bettencourt <>
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 1998 08:01:44 -0500
Back when I bought my '74 B (1983) it had a blown engine which I
unsucessfully tried to fix cheaply (but that's another story). My buddy, a
junkyard owner, said he had an Austin Marina engine that would bolt right
in. It pretty much did (rear plate needed to be changed) and I ran the
single carb setup. It ran great! The MG head pipe matched the Austin
manifold and later I swapped it to a stainless steel system. I also got an
extra 40K miles out of the Marina clutch. I sure miss that car but the
front end finally wore out and I didn't have the resouces to fix it.

At 11:28 PM 4/16/98 EDT, Mowog 1 <> wrote:
>Yo chaps!
>I have run an Austin Marina HIF 6 on my '78 MGB since 1993. It is truly an
>easy conversion. Bolt it a manual choke....change the thottle
>cable....put a pancake filter on it.
>It has given me absolutely NO problems in 5 years. As to
>still only have one between the lines. (In driving
out to
>Lake Tahoe in 1995 through the Rocky Mountains at 13k was 30
mph up
>hill.....90 mph down hill......rather degrading to be passed by a
>Winnebago!....At least I had a carburetted MGB V8 running with me  that was
>experiencing the same problems due to his running too rich....and a 1974-1/2
>MGB dual carb with only a little more power than I at elevation!)
>I wish I would have gotten a Marina manifold rather than utilizing the combo
>MGB manifold...I think performance would have been a little better. I still
>have the outer body of a catalytic converter (no guts) running into a Falcon
>SS exhaust system. The car runs well at all speeds....but is no "record
>if you know what I mean. I run a BBQ needle in the carb.
>The HIF 6 is a GREAT conversation piece at car shows....("What the....that
>ain't no Stromberg!") and I no longer worry about a water choke!
>rick ingram
>namgbr #0-134
>amgcr #985
Steve Bettencourt
'79 MGB 
Steve's HotRod World

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