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Once again you are technically correct. Exotic means foreign, imported or not 
local.  Well that's one of the meanings anyway and by extension then, a Nissan 
Stanza is an exotic car.  However, English is a versatile language and thus 
exotic has another related, albeit, different meaning as well.  This is, 
strange, unusual or mysterious and, I suppose, is the meaning used when 
referring to certain cars such as an Interceptor or a Delorean.  

Surely more than any of us care to know about this word.

Procrastinating once again,

Dr. Doug 

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> I *hope* it came from somewhere else originally - I cringe at the thought of
> Z's being called exotic. Competent, surely. But please not exotic. 


"Exotic" means "from some where other than here!" MGs and Z cars are indeed

I think.

Dan Masters,
Alcoa, TN

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