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Subject: [Fwd: Thanks and a additional Gearbox question]
From: Fred Krampits <>
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 1998 09:57:12 -0700
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Date: Fri, 17 Apr 1998 09:55:28 -0700
From: Fred Krampits <>
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Subject: Thanks and a additional Gearbox question
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To all the guys & gals on the list:
I have a near 16 year old daughter who has been a handfull to say the
least the last few weeks. I did not get to properly reply and thank
everybody who answered my questions on oil pressure and my gearbox
popping out of 4th gear.

THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Back to the car, I'm going to put in a clutch soon, so at that time I am
going to cleanup the sump, install new main bearings and connecting rod
bearings as well as a new superflow oil pump from Mini Mania. Since I'm
close to the 100,000 mile mark, (maybe, who knows on a 35 year old car),
and the motor is going to be out to do the clutch. God only knows what
else I'll find to do at that time (rings?).

Now on the gearbox problem, it pops out of 4th almost every time I use
it. However if I am very deliberate in going through the gears I can get
it to stay in 4th sometimes. It pops out as soon as I stop
accellerating, sometimes forcefully, sometimes gently, I DO NOT try to
hold it in 4th. I did not fully understand the replys I got, is this
something that may be fixable from the interior? My syncro's are a
little worn (especially third), I've ground gears a few (maybe 5 or 6)
times shifting to third, (driver error of course, a little sloppy on the
hand foot co-ordination), but over all the tranny does seem to perform

Any further suggestions would be appreciated.

Fred Krampits
1963 Midget MK I 1098CG

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