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RE: I was a chrome bumper snob

To: mgs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: RE: I was a chrome bumper snob
From: Don Walton <>
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 1998 14:04:38 -0400
Thanks for the info Paul,  I am used to the workings of a 73 and earlier B,
I plan to go through the entire car and replace anything suspect and also to
detox the engine and put on a set of SU's.  The thing actually runs great,
but there are so many hoses and pipes that the engine bay looks like a
refinary.  SIMPLIFY!!
                                                Don Walton in NC

At 06:41 AM 4/17/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Congratulations on your "new" 1977 roadster, but a word of warning.
>Please, PLEASE take the time to replace every rubber or flex fuel line
>on the car, as well as the brake hoses and other critical rubber parts.
>You may need to rebuild the brake hydraulics as well. 
>One other thing is to remove and bypass the mechanical inertial cutoff
>switch for the fuel.  You will find this bolted to the firewall shelf
>near the left side of the heater box.  The fuel line attaches to it, it
>looks like a metal valve with a round button on the top.  These are
>designed to trip in the event of a crash and shut off the fuel to the
>carb.  The problem is, these switches contain a rubber O-ring that goes
>bad, then fuel squirts all over the engine bay.  Bad news. 
>You don't really need the valve, since there is a redundant electrical
>fuel pump cutoff switch under the dash on the left side.  
>>From your post, you have already experienced rubber deterioration, as
>shown by the tire disintegration.  Don't run the risk of fire or brake
>failure.  This happened on the last MGB sold in the US.  After sitting
>in museums for 17 years, the car was sold to a private owner, who
>proceeded to try to drive the car home. The word is that the car caught
>fire and burned to the ground.
>Safety Fast, 
>Paul Kile

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