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Re: 1980 MGB LE - Electrical & Desmog Questions

Subject: Re: 1980 MGB LE - Electrical & Desmog Questions
From: Trevor Boicey <>
Date: Sat, 18 Apr 1998 00:43:14 -0400 wrote:
> What are the disadvantages and advantages of desmogging Beauty?  Are there
> any good treatises available on the web which describe the process in
> detail, and tell you how to maintain/tune it afterwards?

  I don't know any one the web, but Lindsay Porter's book (MGB DIY
purchase and restoration) details the process. It's an hours work
or so.
> Are there any manual that cover this late model of MGB?  Haynes does not?
> Bentley does not?  Chiltons does not? 

  Moss lists a factory manual reprint, $43.95. Check as

Trevor Boicey, Ottawa, Canada.,
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