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Re: New Moss Carpet Questions

Subject: Re: New Moss Carpet Questions
Date: Sat, 18 Apr 1998 19:01:17 EDT
On Sat, 18 Apr 98 13:53:59 -0700 Joseph Cianciotti <>
>Just opened up the new Moss OEM-Style carpet set. I have to say, it 
>pretty good.  My opinion may differ when I go to install it tomorrow 
>without instructions.  Which is why I'm turning to the list.
>1) The piece that goes on the right side of the driver's footwell is 
>backed with board, like the original was. And its shape isn't an exact 
>match either.  But the piece is identical to the one pictured in the 
>catalog.  Should I (a) glue it to the wall, or (b) attempt to back it 
>with something. If the correct answer is (b)  what should I use to 

This piece has a tendency to come in random shapes - especially in the OE
Along with the two footwell, firewall pieces it would originally have had
a backing of black impregnated cardboard with a fibregall filler  to
which it was glued and then screwed to the firewall/tunnel -did you keep
these when you took out the old pieces?? (not surprised of you didnt,
they are brittle and usually glued so tight to the old carpet as to be
inseparable and the fibreglass falls apart as soon as you look at it!!)
All three pieces should be backed with some sort of sound/heat deadening
material (the original reason for the cheesy black cardboard/fibreglass!)
if possible - you can glue them directly to the meetal and the job will
look just as good but your feet will damn you for it some day in mid
august in a traffic jam!!

>2) There aren't pieces to cover the shock absorber bumps on the rear 
>shelf. Are the wheel arch pieces supposed to cover them? (y or n) If 
>correct answer is (y), then I guess I'm in for some cutting  and 
>If the correct answer is (n), how do I go about covering them?

OE kits dont usually have these though you find them in many so called
"deluxe" kits
They are small strips about 9"x3" with a small "foot" at the bottom so
they look like a "J" or an "L" and glue directly on to the bumps
themselves - they arent in OE kits cos they aint OE! - there shouldnt be
any cutting and pasting needed since the rear shelf battery cover piece
should cover them once you have the snaps installed

You shouldnt really need any instructions, the pieces are pretty obvious
as to where they go but the order in which you put them in makes the job
a little easier
1)install the long pieces that go along the side rails - remember to cut
holes for the seat belts AFTER its installed but before the glue dries_
2)footwell and front tunnel cover pieces
3)rear wheel arch and vertical piece (from battery cover chelf to the
4)tunnel cover - install it over the backing first, outside the cat and
install it FLAT so there are no kinks when you rebend it)
5)under seat mats - dont glue them
5)footwell mats and battery cover mat - make sure all the floor fasteners
are present and correct and dry fit before you install the snaps

Have fun! - its a very rewarding job and should only take you 3-4 hours
including a few beverage breaks!!

mike robson
69 roadster
70 BGT
72 roadster

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