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spoiler for ram-air

To: mgs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: spoiler for ram-air
From: Mike Hartwig <>
Date: Sun, 19 Apr 1998 09:14:17 -0500
I was looking at my brother's MG yesterday with the lowered springs and
spoiler.  He better watch out for speed bumps or he will be in big trouble.
 Just for reference, the front pan in front of the radiator was 18 " from
the ground(on my '65 B.  On my brother's newly lower '78 B, the pan was 16"
from the ground.  Ouch, and these were only supposed to lower the car 1".

Anyway, I was eyeing the spoiler and the cool looking vent and thought
about using it to ram air into my carbs.  A little fiberglass, a few metal
flexible 2" diameter pieces of tubing vented to my carbs, and voila,

My only hang-up is the carb needle.  How do I adjust so it will get enough
fuel at higher speeds?  I was thinking of getting some standard needles and
sanding them down with some emory paper until I got the correct profile,
but even then I would only be going by my gut feel.  I am also thinking of
grabbing a O2 sensor and meter so I can check my O2.  This would be a good
way of checking my running at speed so I can find out how the mixture is.
Am I chasing my tail here?  I am coming to the conclusion that the amount
of fuel would have to be dependent on the RPMS and road speed, and since
there are many combinations of overlapping RPMS and road speed, I am
essentially screwed.  This sounds like a fuel injection project.  

Any ideas, or should I drop it?
I figure this ram-air would be good for 5-10 horsepower.

Just searching for more power as my brother's Rover V8 comes closer and
closer to reality


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