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Re: spoiler for ram-air

Subject: Re: spoiler for ram-air
From: (Rick Morrison)
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 21:45:56 EDT
On Mon, 20 Apr 1998 12:24:49 -0400 "Unger, Larry G"
<> writes:
>Jay wrote:
>> ...[snip]...
>> Anyway, I was eyeing the spoiler and the cool looking vent
>> and thought about using it to ram air into my carbs.  A
>> little fiberglass, a few metal flexible 2" diameter pieces
>> of tubing vented to my carbs, and voila, ram-air.
>How are you going to filter the air?  

I've also been toying with this same idea, and the filtration part is
relativly simple.
 By using a flat air filter from (I believe) one of the Sabaru models, it
could be placed in a fabricated "box" facing the air stream with the
tubing exiting the rear. 
 My big hang up is the carb calibration. 
 The fuel/air calibration now has an added item in the equation. Ie. the
velocity of the air entering the carb throat is a function of road speed,
as well as engine speed. The result would be that the mixture that is
right at, say, 4000 RPM in 1st gear is not the same as 4000 RPM in 4th. 
I doubt very seriously that the SU's abilitiy to compensate for varying
conditions will stretch to that extreme.

>> ...[snip]...
>> Just searching for more power as my brother's Rover V8 comes
>> closer and closer to reality
>"There is no substitute for cubic inches" ... so, ya better get
>used to viewing your brother's 'B' from da rear ... ;^) 

 My sentiments exactly!. So the "ram tuning" will get passed over in
favor of the Rover V-8 hanging on the engine stand (with various and
sundry parts on order or in boxes)
Rick Morrison
74 Midget
>Safety Fast! ...
>'61 MGA 1600 MkII

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