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Re: Wanted: top and etc

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Subject: Re: Wanted: top and etc
From: Ezra Beeman <>
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 17:56:48 -0700
In that same vein, I have a '70 MGB raodster that I have personally
fixed just about everything on at least once (three heads, three
clutches, lost crankshaft key, various other bits and pieces).  It is
split bumper and has an earlier grille and I stuck in an OD with a
rocker switch.
I am looking for a hard top and a shifter with OD assembly (unless my
year is supposed to wire through one of the sterring wheel levers, in
which case, does anyone know what color wires I should be chasing from
my column?  Lastly, where might I find the screws that hold together the
steering wheel column?
Much thanks,
PS I hope to see people in Dixon, is there a main contact number?
PPS Sometimes the volume on this list precludes reading everything, all

Richard D. Arnold wrote:

> All:
> Would anyone happen to have a decent (or fairly decent) used:
>         * Boot Cover
>         * Tonneau Cover
>         * Top
> for a '79 Midget, that they'd like to sell really cheaply?
> Worth a shot, I figured....
> Thanks!
> Rich

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