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Re: British cars everywhere!

To: Phil Vanner <>
Subject: Re: British cars everywhere!
From: Simon Bosworth <>
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 16:02:32 -0500
it must be spring in the Twin Cities :-)  I saw a B roadster downtown Min=
neapolis this morning.  It looked like a 73-74, same colour as mine too. =
He had the top down so you know spring is here.  I hooted and waved like =
a maniac.


Phil Vanner wrote:

> An interesting day yesterday - I spent all morning running around getti=
ng things taken care of for work. I took a break to check out the rust si=
tuation on an X1/9 as I have a buddy who might want one(shockingly, it wa=
sn't bad at all). While at this little car lot I looked in the miniscule =
showroom and they had a very nice 1962 Rover 1100, right hand drive, aski=
ng $6200. Restored and then left there, it starts and the engine runs fin=
e, but all the rubber is dried out. (they had an Alfa Spider too) Not ten=
 minutes later I was driving past a lot where I had seen a TR6 for sale l=
ast week. No TR6 anymore but a very nice looking Alpine, no wait, a TIGER=
! was sitting by the garage. I had to stop and admire it for a moment; it=
 was an extremely clean "driver". The lot owner came out and said it wasn=
't for sale (I think he thought I didn't know what it was) but he had a c=
ouple of other British cars for sale. Turns out he bought a collection to=
 get the Tiger. He had another TR6, far nicer than the one he sold last w=
eek, almost too nice to drive, and a TR8 that looked like it had spent it=
's entire life in a time capsule, it had but 4500 miles on it. (both are =
for sale- he wants 10K plus for each of them) Later, I was passed by a ve=
ry clean rubber-bumper B on the freeway that I have never seen around her=
e before. To top off the day, while having a late snack with my beautiful=
 bride I looked out the window of the restaurant and a '73 Porsche 914 pu=
ll up to the curb. In one day I see more interesting cars than I've seen =
(outside a museum) in many months, and not one rustbucket. Truly it is sp=
> Phil Vanner

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