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Austin A40 parts needed

To: british-cars@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: Austin A40 parts needed
From: (Rick Feibusch)
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 15:40:16 -0700 (PDT)
Can anyone out there in Listland help out Randy?  Thanks
Rick Feibusch - Venice, CA


re:  1950-51 austin panel van, serial no. GV2L513963

Dear British car enthusiasts:

parts wanted - needed  as soon as possible:

   1.  rear wheel spats (fender skirts)actually THE back fenders)
   2.  complete set of brake drums front and rear as well as
        brake shoes & all necessary springs and adjustment screws
   3.   front hydraulic wheel cylinders
   4.   master cylinder
   5.   brake hose
   6.   left & right front spindal nuts
   7.   8 wheel lug nuts
   8.   top & bottom radiator hose
   9.   complete tune up kit including plugs, wires, cap, rotor
         condensor and new points
  10.   oil filter
  11.  valve cover gasket
  12.  mechanical fuel pump or rebuild kit
  13.  rear door closing mechanism
  14.  fuel tank sending unit

this panel van came from Canada exactly 40 years ago on 17 April 1958.  It had
been sitting in a lean-to shed for 40 years.  The owner, an elderly man,
had taken off the drums, the brakes and the wheel spats to redo them and
died thereafter.  His widow, not knowing what the parts were, threw them away
some 20 years ago but kept the van as a monument to his memory. I sincerely
that you can help me put this van back to the original condition.
It is a real time capsule and has fortunately survived the wrecking yard.

Randolph Williams
Austin Series A Registry of North America
PO Box 9280
Marina Del Rey, California 90295, USA
Fax  310 306-2626
PH   310 827-2727

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