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Apologies and MG parts

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Subject: Apologies and MG parts
From: Jim Sharp <>
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 98 21:08:58 -0500
Hi listers,

About a month ago I posted a list of parts for sale. I got several 
replies, but I bought a new computer about that time and when transfering 
the e-mail over things got messed up. I lost all the replies. I am really 
sorry about this and would ask your forgiveness. No flames please. I will 
repost a list and I promise that I will get right back to those that 

Parts are out of a 70 B and 74 B roadster  

engine out of 74 running when removed
1 radiator and 2 heater cores
2 heater fan motors and blades
tach for 70
oil pressure gauge for both
gas gauge for both
brake calipers
seat frames(covers and foam no good)
transmission non-overdrive
wiring harnesses 
assorted lights
folding top frame
2 windshield frames (no windshield)
left and right door glass
2 left and 2 right vent windows and frames
exhaust and intake manifolds
l&r doors for 70 b- some rust
boot lid-needs some work 
gas tank

If you don't see it here please ask as I have parted out both cars. I 
have no other body parts though. I will price the items individually or 
as a package. I am located in Ft. Smith, Arkansas.   

Please reply through private e-mail and not to the list. I don't want to 
get flamed for wasting bandwith. I am trying to clean out my storage 
space and want these parts to find a good home. I am not a commercial 

Jim Sharp
74 BGT
and lots of parts

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